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Are You a Frustrated Follower?

In this blog, Michael Hyatt highlights what leaders or bosses can do to frustrate their followers or employees. I think he hits the nail on the head when he brings out these areas. I have been in a variety of roles where I have had to follow others, and there’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with a weak leader. I especially identify with the frustration of frequent changes, because it forces you to constantly change your expectations.

When I read a blog like this, however, I think I wrongly place myself in the employee’s shoes too often. In fact, all of us are leaders in one form or fashion. Instead of reading yourself as the victim, why don’t you try on the leadership shoes? Rather than reading a blog like this and thinking, “Man, I sure wish so-and-so would read this and change!”, perhaps we should think “How do I need to change?” You see, Jesus condemned the Pharisees for ignoring their own hearts while they condemned others. Don’t miss the pearl in this blog… YOU are part of the problem and YOU are the only one who you can change!

Here’s my question for you:
Which characteristic of weak leadership frustrates you the most AND how is that at work in your own leadership?

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