No Compromise Required to Comprise Partnership

The election is over, and it appears that after the dust settles, the Electoral College will reelect President Obama for another four years.  The Republican Party has spent the greater part of two years trying to defeat Mr. Obama, a weak incumbent who shoulders a broken economy and a mess overseas.  We will spend the next few weeks and months analyzing what went wrong with their attempts, with arguments that will suggest Republican Nominee Gov. Mitt Romney was too moderate or too conservative.  Those of us who worked for Mr. Obama’s defeat would do best not to spend too much time looking in the past.  In fact, our best strategy for the cause of conservatism and liberty is to take a page out of the Obama playbook and look forward.

To my conservative friends, please don’t be discouraged.  The future is bright.  I am going to spend the next four years trying to convince you that we need a leader who is able to form coalitions of liberty loving people.  We don’t have to compromise our principles to comprise partnerships in government.  I would suggest that there are a handful of such leaders, among whom is Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul.  We should look to people like this who will lead us into the next generation of conservatism.  Some of you will not be keen on the idea of cutting spending in areas that we should, but let’s have a real discussion about this and not simply run to the way we have always done it.

To my liberal friends, congratulations.  You are sincere, passionate, and full of ideas–bad ideas.  I’m looking forward to a real debate over the next four years.  I am looking forward to leaders who will communicate conservative principles in places like Oregon, New Hampshire, Iowa, and Pennsylvania, where the harvest is ripe.  In the meantime, we have to govern.  We shouldn’t raise taxes right now at all, so let’s talk defense spending, entitlement reform, and tax reform.  If we take a look at warfare spending, will you take a look at welfare spending?  Also, don’t be surprised when we still fight for life and when some of us keep fighting for “the sanctity of marriage.”

To Mitt Romney, thank you.  You are a good man who seems to be a somewhat conservative man.  You ran an honorable campaign and picked a decent Vice Presidential candidate.  History will be very kind to you.

To President Obama, congratulations.  We will pray for you, and we are ready to work with you.

For Liberty,
Dane Hays


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