Romney and Obama Sharing Advisors Again?





We first heard here from a Romney adviser about Romneycare being the intellectual father of Obamacare, and both administrations sharing policy advisers.

Now, we have another story coming from Hot Air that says Romney and Obama shared  climate advisers.  The news story above links to a memo from then Gov. Romney laying out the plan to regulate emissions and control prices.

We have seen that Romney doesn’t want to put any distance between the choices that he made as governor and his current campaign.  In fact, he often stumps that “what was good for Massachusetts is not necessarily good for the United States federal government.”  I’m sure that if Perry and company try to use this against him, he will champion that phrase once again.  However, we have to see here that Romney has a philosophy of government that is comfortable forcing companies to cap not only their emissions but their prices as well.  He is also comfortable forcing those living in Massachusetts to purchase a good (health care).

You may very well agree that these regulations are good on the state, or perhaps even the federal level.  However, my question is to conservatives who would generally disagree with such mandates.  Do you really think that Romney will govern differently as president, and not impose mandates on the people of the United States?


I would love to hear from you.  Please post your responses below and let me know what you’re thinking.  You can always contact me directly on Twitter (@danehays).


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