Fall and Coffee… the new PB&J

Photo credit:  candlefind.com

I am convinced that fall and coffee are best buds.  As a matter of fact, it could become the new PB&J.

When fall comes, I am usually pretty enthusiastic about drinking coffee, because the weather and atmosphere are perfect for it.  I didn’t really grow to understand the goodness of coffee till I moved to Louisville, which espouses great coffee shops like Quills, Sunergos, Heine Brothers, and Java Brewing Co.

I have to admit, though, I’m still a Starbucks nerd at heart.  My favorite drink there is the Chai Latte, and my favorite coffee is Cafe Verona.  I am partial to the location on Frankfort Ave near our old apartment.

So, my questions to you are…

1.  What is your favorite coffee spot?

2.  What is your favorite coffee drink?



4 thoughts on “Fall and Coffee… the new PB&J

  1. Matt Brier says:

    I’m partial to Quill’s coffee to hangout.

    Favorite coffee drink. . .Black and White at Sunergos.

  2. aslarson says:

    I like Java on Frankfort. It’s beautiful and I like their crepes 🙂
    Fav drink: toss up between Heine Bros Spider and Java’s Beekeeper.

  3. aslarson says:

    p.s. that was Sara and our blog isn’t up yet…

  4. dane hays says:

    What is the Spider at Heine?

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